Quantum energetic healing with Vata an Arcturian

My connection is mostly Arcturian energy at this time even if I can tune into different energies as I did once with a Dragon who presented himself as the name of Erin and I had a connection with the hollow earth as well.

But one of my guide who assists me during my session is an Arcturian, she is a female and her name is Vata.
She began showing me how to put the light body field of my client into a certain level of frequency, in an kind of holographic figure which was apparently an oblong balloon made of energy.

She communicated with me telepathically and let me understood that it was a certain modality of healing related to Quantum med bed technology.

During the session I had to maintien a certain level of frequency for the client’s light body field , and I could see devices as pods being utilized, white light moving through the med bed, colours and even I heard some sounds with my clairaudience.

For me that is a part of my work who I am very found of, it is all about connecting to galactic consciousness and light beings in order to expand our proper consciousness.

Stay tuned for more to come !

More infos or book a session : +33 613 096 754 Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram

Sessions via Zoom.

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