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Channeling with Peter Dennis, channeler facilitator

My sessions are about energetic clearing. I do have a kind of xray vision in a sens that gives me informations about the energy of the organs for exemple and what needs to be cleared and transmute densities of them.

I can be connected consciously to the quantum field. That is a part of channeling I do but I wanted to go deeper in the connections with beings of higher level of consciousness .I began to have that calling to understand more about who were the beings i saw in my sessions who were assisting me.

I know in a deeper state and in my heart that we are connected to a source of energy and we are not the only one !
So I found everything I could read about channeling, everything I could follow in terms of channelers and interviews  and my guidance leaded me to a channeler facilitator, Peter Dennis.

That is  the latest thing I could have imagined ! Find someone to guide me to trust in my abilities and take my hand to go through lot of fears and false beliefs or even true ones !
Well, that the big part of my start to channeling beings with my voice. Due to Peter’s indefectible patience and presence, I did some amazing connections accurately and could connect to my guides.

Know more about channeling, and how to channel

Sample recordings of my first channelings facilitated by Peter Dennis

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