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Explore & Feel the Yellow as vibration

The reason why i wanted to talk about the vibration of the yellow colour is that on my sessions those last few days i had this energy coming several times.

It’s time to go to school for most of the children and despite of that it can brings positive thoughts as well for adults. So, i wanted to share this energy with you as we are at the beginning af a new school year which brings at atmosphere of learning for all.

It has to do with the yellow color, the yellow ray which is a vibration (and if we go deeper we can see that as well as a consciousness)

It is good yo let you connect to this energy, this vibration. It is good for the intellect, for the mind, to learn. It helps for studies, for researchs. You can connect to the yellow ray as well to concentrate more, to be ready to the information to come in. It helps connect to the quantum field with more accuracy.

In another way, the yellow can bring you the beauty of your capacities. And materialized into the world. From your mind to the creation of your ideas.

So have a nice connection to the yellow ray, the vibrant yellow colour, and put the studies into your world and into the world for the benefit of all.

Much blessings,

Hildegard of Bingen channeled by Anne

I am Hildegard of Bingen. I represent the energy of a collective consciousness for which I incarnated as Hildegard of Bingen during this period which corresponds to your 12th century.

I was able to accomplish my mission in several areas thnaks to this collective of conscience which assisted me and of which I am part of. My particularities in these different fields have been able to be positioned effectively thanks to the fractal and multidimensional component of this very emanation.

These « qualities » or « potentials » as you call them come from multiple vibratory spiritual planes and the difficulty was to synchronize these in one person.

It was a time that allowed it because the vibrational structure of this earthly time called for this possibility. What was seeded at this point continues to echo today becfuse it was designed that way.

This emanation of the collective of consciousness called Hildegard of Bingen and which speaks through this channel today, is in the image of the crystal : a reflection of multiple vibrational planes or if you prefer, the white light diffracting in colors to manifest in the physical plane and thus create and develop the different areas that I had to put forward carrying the essence of healing : plants, stones, music, sounds, vibrations.

About the place :

The place I resided in is high in vibration and continues to expand and radiate its healing energy. You just have to connect to it to enter into a relationship with its presence. This place is an energy center that contains a powerful toric energy field. This makes it a nourishing and vibrant place.

The stone that constitutes it is of great importance. The entire structure of the building rests on a telluric space and expands beyond the building. The composition of the stone, its structure and the foundations have a certain austerity necessary for the uprightness and the accuracy that one comes to seek here or for which one feels called.

It is a vibration of requirement that is there and that can be felt by some people attracted to this place. They are looking for this energetic replica that they can have in them in a certain way. They may or may not be aware of it, but their being wishes to experience more of this composing in materiality.

It is therefore a place of connection with which you can interact through meditation, it will bring you answers : those which lie dormant in you and which only ask to emerge consciously.

For some time now, there has been a renewed enthusiasm for the work that i carried out in my time and which is still relevant today an necessary for the awakening of humanity.

My incarnation was suported by a collective of consciousness which is still as present as then. This multidimensionality is increasingly recognized by people whose soul manifests itself precisely at this identification.

Multidimensionality allows me to come meet your energy and connect with your higher self when you call me.

My energy emanation is available at your leisure whenever your heart calls.

I am Hildegard of Bingen but I also come from a multiple energy lineage and an expanded consciousness on other planes.

You can work with my energy which is my vibrational characteristic and it is an honour to be able to assist you in this particular period that you are currently going through in the material plane.

Know that a mutltitude of vibrations, of guidance surround you and accompany you. From where I evolve I see colors and consciousnesses that are at work just like the stones that are made of them and with which I have worked in close collaboration of spiritual consciousness.

The colored frequencies are in relation with the consciences of the stones who circulate in your vibratory field. Despite the difficulties felt, everything is at work so that a harmonizing symphony spreads in your earthly field.

You are so surrounded. Open your fields of perception in order to receive that I transmit to you.

I am Hildegard of Bingen and I support you thanks to the codified vibratory power of which my aura is composed. I have been able to accomplish many of my projects du to this multiple power and I continue to be by your side by making all those who feel called by my energy shine in my field.

They actually receive the vibrational knowledge transmitted.

About the use of this grain : the spelled

Spelled has a golden radiance, aligned with the golden ratio, an energetic proportion. Spelled aligns and harmonizes the being.

About the using of plants :

The energies of plants have informed me a lot.

It took a collective conscience to allow my incarnation to be talked about event today. It was planned in such a way that it would accompany for centuries of you time.

This vibratory impregnation is a reservoir of information and a possibility of connection to other space-times. There is in this field of information a precise point, a kind of stillness, a quantum portal that allows access to other planes to work with. It is during your meditations that you will be able to facilitate this access, receive my guidance and what you need to readjust in your lives what needs to be.

This is how you will also help humanity more broadly in their current transition.

It is an honor to pass on those who read or hear me today.

Vibration of golden light and unconditionnal love upon you.

Book a session

Hello, my name is Anne Thill and I live in Paris, France. 

My work is primarily as an Energy Healer, who works with subtle energies. I clear negative energies from a client’s body, I balance the chakras and bring harmony to one’s energetic field.

I have been doing this for about 10 years now, and through those years, I have continued to gather more information and become more efficient in my practice.

When working with clients, I can expose them to higher frequencies of energy, which helps them to connect with higher levels of consciousness, which facilitates the healing.My approach to healing is unique in that I can tune in to a client’s energetic field and locate any energetic densities that are causing pain or disruption. Once identified, I can attune my energetic field to the client’s and then remove these densities, which brings the client’s body back into a state of harmony and well-being.

As a healer, I have been receiving assistance from Light-Beings, with whom I am able to connect. I have always been clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. As well, I channel an Arcturian Being, named Vata, who is constantly with me and provides assistance when I am working with a client.  

The second thing that I do is to work as a Channeler. As such, I provide private Channeling sessions for clients, where my Arcturian Being, Vata, speaks directly to them, answering their questions and providing helpful advice. I also give talks to audiences, such as healing groups, clubs and general interest groups.

Contact :

Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram +33 613 096 754

Who I am and How it started

I am an intuitive healer, working with subtles energies. 
You can call it as well as energetic practitioner.

When I  began to do energetic clearing, my sessions were about balancing chakras and energetic centers and harmonize the energetic field.
I have been doing energetic healing sessions for about 10 years now, and the more sessions I do the more informations I get, the more I explore the more I am efficient with my clients. 
I can put them in a higher level of frequency which gives them the  opportunity to develop their connections to higher level of consciousness at the same time.

Now I can tell that I have a unique approach of healing in a sens of I can tune into my client’s  quantum field and see where there are some densities (on an energetic level)  and remove it by harmonizing it through my ability to attune the quantum field to theirs.

As I said, the more I practiced the more I began to be connected to some frequencies, lights beings as I could tell (because I saw spots of light over the light body’s field of my clients) who began to talk to me telepathically to assist me during my sessions for the benefit of the client.

One of my tools are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience which helps me facilitate my sessions.

My sessions are about Quantagenealogy, Domotherapy ( clearing space), Channeling, Quantum Holographic sessions as medbeds ( whith help of ly connexions with arcturians’ energy)

Every day life is a way for me to remove excess emotional baggage, understand life better, be led by the heart and be of service for human kind.

Looking for more infos, contact me +33 613 096 754 Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram.


So far during my sessions I have some connections with energies and a part of my sessions are the work of the ancestral energies, the genealogy.

I named this part of my work sessions : Quantagenealogy
Very often not to say every time, I have people who are beside, who invites themselves. I would say, like an energetic connection that i can translate in words. I might receive images, words, and above all sharing their unconditional love, that special family resonance the person is related to unconsciously more often or consciously.

My approach is never to cut some cords between everyone but harmonize the reliance of lineage heritage which is often a missing part of unconditional love throughout  a story in a family . I could called this part as working on a cellular level.

More infos : Contact Anne +33 613 096 754 On Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram

Channeling with Peter Dennis, channeler facilitator

My sessions are about energetic clearing. I do have a kind of xray vision in a sens that gives me informations about the energy of the organs for exemple and what needs to be cleared and transmute densities of them.

I can be connected consciously to the quantum field. That is a part of channeling I do but I wanted to go deeper in the connections with beings of higher level of consciousness .I began to have that calling to understand more about who were the beings i saw in my sessions who were assisting me.

I know in a deeper state and in my heart that we are connected to a source of energy and we are not the only one !
So I found everything I could read about channeling, everything I could follow in terms of channelers and interviews  and my guidance leaded me to a channeler facilitator, Peter Dennis.

That is  the latest thing I could have imagined ! Find someone to guide me to trust in my abilities and take my hand to go through lot of fears and false beliefs or even true ones !
Well, that the big part of my start to channeling beings with my voice. Due to Peter’s indefectible patience and presence, I did some amazing connections accurately and could connect to my guides.

Know more about channeling, and how to channel

Sample recordings of my first channelings facilitated by Peter Dennis