Explore & Feel the Yellow as vibration

The reason why i wanted to talk about the vibration of the yellow colour is that on my sessions those last few days i had this energy coming several times.

It’s time to go to school for most of the children and despite of that it can brings positive thoughts as well for adults. So, i wanted to share this energy with you as we are at the beginning af a new school year which brings at atmosphere of learning for all.

It has to do with the yellow color, the yellow ray which is a vibration (and if we go deeper we can see that as well as a consciousness)

It is good yo let you connect to this energy, this vibration. It is good for the intellect, for the mind, to learn. It helps for studies, for researchs. You can connect to the yellow ray as well to concentrate more, to be ready to the information to come in. It helps connect to the quantum field with more accuracy.

In another way, the yellow can bring you the beauty of your capacities. And materialized into the world. From your mind to the creation of your ideas.

So have a nice connection to the yellow ray, the vibrant yellow colour, and put the studies into your world and into the world for the benefit of all.

Much blessings,

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  1. Anonyme a dit :

    Thanks Anne. Important reminder, for us all as the school year gears up again.


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