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Hello, my name is Anne Thill and I live in Paris, France. 

My work is primarily as an Energy Healer, who works with subtle energies. I clear negative energies from a client’s body, I balance the chakras and bring harmony to one’s energetic field.

I have been doing this for about 10 years now, and through those years, I have continued to gather more information and become more efficient in my practice.

When working with clients, I can expose them to higher frequencies of energy, which helps them to connect with higher levels of consciousness, which facilitates the healing.My approach to healing is unique in that I can tune in to a client’s energetic field and locate any energetic densities that are causing pain or disruption. Once identified, I can attune my energetic field to the client’s and then remove these densities, which brings the client’s body back into a state of harmony and well-being.

As a healer, I have been receiving assistance from Light-Beings, with whom I am able to connect. I have always been clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. As well, I channel an Arcturian Being, named Vata, who is constantly with me and provides assistance when I am working with a client.  

The second thing that I do is to work as a Channeler. As such, I provide private Channeling sessions for clients, where my Arcturian Being, Vata, speaks directly to them, answering their questions and providing helpful advice. I also give talks to audiences, such as healing groups, clubs and general interest groups.

Contact :

Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram +33 613 096 754

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